My chai obsession

My man is not a fan of my current evening ritual. Once the kids are in bed I brew a cup of chai tea, and I love the careful steps to make it just as much as I love drinking it. I don’t often drink alcohol, so as the weather cools off here in Canberra, I’m enjoying this indulgent milky nightcap that also feels so virtuous and nourishing.

My man does not like the smell of chai (I think it’s the cardamom), so he is particularly unhappy that I have also made chai biscuits, to have alongside my tea (can you tell I’m a little obsessed?). These Hazelnut Chai Biscuits from Well Nourished are my current favourite biscuit, because they are delightfully delicious but also so good for you. I make mine a little plumper than Georgia because I like the soft centres. Where she calls for tea or water in the ingredients, I use brewed chai tea, which intensifies the flavour. My hint is to bake a double batch, they will go quickly!

Hazelnut Chai Biscuits from Well Nourished

Hazelnut Chai Biscuits from Well Nourished

I drink chai tea from RealChai, a Canberra-based Australian small business started by local Anthea Cahill (no, she didn’t pay me to write that – she doesn’t know I exist!). Anthea mixes loose-leaf tea with spices – no powders, syrups, preservatives, sugar or artificial stuff. She also includes instructions on how to brew chai tea. I will at some point have a go at making my own blend, but in the meantime I do like the convenience of RealChai. Yum!


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