Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

I feel like saying a bunch of terribly cliched, not-really-real words, that I’ve never before said in my entire life: whoa, ermagod, amazeballs!

It’s going to become apparent that I’m a big fan of the recipes of Georgia Harding of Well Nourished. I have loved all the recipes I have tried so far – but I’m not sure how she will top this sweet treat.

As Mothers’ Day approaches in three weeks time, my sister and I are planning A (Mostly) Fructose-Free High Tea for our diabetic mother. This chocolate raspberry brownie, free from refined sugar, gluten and grain, will definitely be on the menu.

I made a batch of these today, and was eating the batter with a spoon before it made it into the oven. Once it was baked, my son and I had a piece each. Then we had seconds.

When my son plays ‘shop’ he always ‘buys’ chocolate cake. I am very happy for him to have this one, because not only is there Nothing Bad in it, he didn’t notice the sweet potato. That’s right: sweet potato! DO NOT let that put you off. I felt intensely proud (and devious) when my son gobbled up that hidden sweet potato. If you like rich, dark chocolate cake – give these a go.

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