A (mostly) Fructose-Free Mothers Day High Tea!

After weeks of thinking and planning and trying out recipes, Mothers Day finally arrived and I got to host A (mostly) Fructose-Free Mothers Day High Tea for my mother and immediate family.

I’ve written before about my mother’s recent Diabetes diagnosis, and consequent shift in her diet, and mine, to reduce our fructose intake. Around this time last year, I took her to Adore Tea for her birthday, and we shared high tea. I will always remember that day because it was also when I told her I was pregnant with my second child.

After her diabetes diagnosis I was really sad for her that she wouldn’t be able to have those types of treats anymore, so I decided to create my own high tea, using minimal fructose. The fructose that was included in the menu was in the form of fruit, a small amount of honey, and an even smaller amount of maple syrup. I mainly used brown rice syrup (fructose-free) as a sweetener. There was no cane sugar at all, and only a small amount of white flour (in the scones and pastry).

I’m relieved to say the High Tea went really well, and I was very happy with every item of food. The only real glitch was when my three-year-old son, who is in the midst of toilet training, did a MASSIVE POO IN HIS PANTS. I wasn’t real happy about that. Neither was he. The pants are still soaking in a bucket in the laundry sink.

Anyway, onto the menu. If you can still stomach it after the poo…

Savoury Service

  • Cucumber round with homemade labneh, hot-smoked salmon and capers (because what’s a high tea without cucumber, cream cheese and smoked salmon!?)
  • Homemade hummus on lavosh with roasted capsicum
  • Grilled haloumi with homemade basil pesto and lemon
  • Roasted beetroot and goats cheese tartlet
  • Roasted pumpkin and feta quiche

Sweet Service

Devonshire Tea

  • Sugar-free lemonade scones with (real) butter, natural jams and double-cream: recipe for scones from Delicious, using a sugar replacement and zero-sugar lemonade. I made miniature scones, which makes about 16.

Yes I do like some scone with my cream…

As for me, I was very spoiled to have my man make these incredibly delectable feta steamed eggs for breakfast, with sourdough toast. It’s my new favourite way to have eggs! I was also stoked to get a subscription to Nourish magazine and a tiny induction-friendly milk saucepan for my evening chai tea. Happy Mothers Day everyone!


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