A very sad Budget post…

CharliePickeringI am not a politician (nor do I work for one), or a journalist, or a public servant. I’m not a member of a political party. Neither is my husband. We are fortunate that our jobs are unlikely to be affected by this Budget. I would be classed as a middle-class working woman, mother and Australian, and so it is in this sense that I give my thoughts on the 2014 Australian Budget.

To be honest, I don’t know if Australia is in a budget crisis or not. Every day we are told something different. Economists say the nation is actually in okay shape (and others say the opposite), journalists say it’s all a lot of spin (and others say the opposite), and government politicians say we are in a state of emergency (while the opposition says… well, that’s a given).

I don’t know who to believe. But I also don’t care. Because even if we are in the midst of a budget crisis, I still disagree that the Government has gone the right way about fixing it, by targeting already vulnerable and disadvantaged Australians, creating more vulnerable and disadvantaged Australians, and showing a level of ignorance about how social change is supported within marginalised groups.

JaneCaroI find it utterly bizarre, that we would ever prioritise being an economy over being a community. It blows my mind that we would choose the lie of being ‘cruel to be kind’, instead of just being kind.

To think that we will now make unemployed people under 30 years of age wait SIX MONTHS to receive the dole (and then only receive it for a further six months before it stops again). Six months is a very long time to have no income. I hope they’re planning to redirect funding to homelessness services and mental health services. Those services are going to be under a lot more pressure.


Punishing and inflicting more hardship upon the vulnerable and disadvantaged ultimately makes them more vulnerable and disadvantaged. Providing adequate support can reduce vulnerability and disadvantage and ultimately lead to better outcomes.

Tightening the welfare purse (or removing it altogether), defunding advocacy and support programs, limiting access to tertiary education, increasing taxes, limiting access to health services, and increasing the retirement age will inflict only pain on Australian people. It may create short-term (national) economic gain, but it will result in immediate and long-term human pain, and with that, much higher costs for us to pay down the track.


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