And I’m not even Paleo: A delicious 5-minute healthy chocolate mug cake

The gorgeous 5-min healthy chocolate mug cake, image courtesy of An Edible Mosaic.

The gorgeous 5-min healthy chocolate mug cake, image courtesy of An Edible Mosaic.

I recently discussed my concern that the language we use in relation to particular diets (vegan, gluten-free, paleo, sugar-free etc) may contribute to furthering the stigma against those diets, because they focus on which foods are absent, rather than which delicious ingredients are included.

This 5-minute chocolate mug cake from An Edible Mosaic proves my point.

It fits the paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free and dairy-free criteria. And it’s delicious. AND nourishing, with ingredients such as eggs, cacao, ground nuts and seeds.

My three-year-old has his two-year molar teeth coming through (yes, a year late!), so he’s been a bit sooky and a bit sensitive to food. But he was very happy to partake in this chocolate cake, and I watched him eat all that goodness with pride and a wicked streak of mischief, as he unknowingly consumed those nourishing hidden seeds (I feel the same way when I sneak kefir into his smoothies).

I remember seeing this expression on my parents’ faces as a pate-loving eight-year old. It made me suspicious, so I read the ingredients. When I saw the chicken livers, I didn’t touch pate again for fifteen years.

But I digress! The gorgeous thing about this cake, apart from how dangerously quick and easy it is, is that if you stick to the proportions, you can play around with it a bit. The recipe calls for almond meal and ground flaxseed/linseed. I used hazelnut meal instead, which created a delightful nutella-like flavour; and as I didn’t have ground linseed, used LSA meal instead – a combination of linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds. It was perfect. I used almond milk, which the recipe calls for, but this could be substituted with coconut milk or rice milk (or any milk) for a slightly different dynamic.

I have to confess: I also topped mine with a scoop of very un-paleo vanilla ice-cream 😀 Delicious!

Visit Faith at An Edible Mosaic to get the recipe, and while you’re there have a look around at her other delicious recipes. The lemon vanilla almond cake looks pretty good!


  1. I’m so glad that you and your little one enjoyed the cake! Thank you so much for your glowing review. That is too funny about the pate when you were younger…my parents used to do the same thing with venison! 🙂

    • Erin says:

      Thankyou Faith, and thanks so much for promoting it 🙂 it is a bit weird isn’t it that some animals we eat we don’t call by their name… Beef, pork, venison… The worst was when it occurred to me that I never saw little ‘veals’ running around and asked my parents what it was!

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