#5 My Man Quits Sugar: Week Three

It feels like we’ve been doing this program for ages, but we’re not even halfway through yet! I’m not sure if I’m just suddenly noticing them now, but it seems like a barrage of foodie events are happening around Canberra – The Forage, a chocolate breaking ceremony at Max Brenner, High Tea at the Hyatt…

I watch them all from afar.

And look forward to participating in another month or so.

I am feeling quite healthy at the moment, and people are commenting on how well we both look. I’ve not had a single pimple for weeks now. Sometimes I even think about exercising. I haven’t yet, but you know, small steps…

We had a slip-up earlier in the week, when we tried some fruit sorbet and a lemon custard, made by a friend. It was so good. Then we both had headaches and a terrible sleep. But we didn’t feel guilty about it, and it was easy just to continue on with the program the following day with no dramas.

In fact, I was very impressed with my husband this week. His resolve is much stronger than mine. Despite having a truly hideous work week – he works in emergency services – and subsequently lusting after coke and having chocolate bars thrust in his face by colleagues, he still resisted. If I’d had the week he had, I would have gone swimming in a chocolate fountain.

Week 3 in Review

1. Favourite meal?

Him: Laksa, with Moroccan chickpea stew a close second.
Me: Overall I was actually really happy with most of the meals this week – Moroccan chickpea stew and roast pumpkin with buckwheat noodles were both surprisingly good. Basil pesto spaghetti always goes down well.

2. Least favourite meal?

Him: Quinoa porridge. It was flavour-less slop.
Me: The quinoa fritters were too much work for too little result.

3. What are you missing?

Him: Red meat. I feel anemic. I still miss having a can of coke, especially at work. I would kill for some pancakes with maple syrup. Honey on muesli would be cool too.
Me: I’m actually dealing much better this week, particularly with less after-dinner cravings. But I do feel like I’ve been missing out on trying some delicious sweet treats that have been on show in Canberra of late.

4. How are you feeling?

Him: I feel shit tonight. I can see some benefits, like my digestion is working better, but I’m also a bit over it. I want to have pancakes with the boys, I’m missing out on the fun food. I really feel like I need a hearty meal – something that makes me feel warm on cold days. I feel nauseated.
[IQS participants were informed that during this part of the program we may feel this way as the toxins leave our body. We’re not sure at the moment whether this is why he feels sick, or whether it’s for some other reason!]
Me: I feel like I have so much energy I might need to do some exercise to get rid of some of it. :-/

5. How is the reduced alcohol intake going?

Him: It’s a bit boring. One night I had four beers, which is the most I’ve had in one day since the program started. But I needed it after a long week.

Week 4 is supposed to be ‘clean week’, when all gluten, alcohol and caffeine is cut out for five days. Although we will still be following the meal plan, we don’t intend to be rigid about cutting out those extra components. To be honest, I don’t really see the point in cutting it out for five days only, and as we are still getting up in the night to feed the baby, no one is going to deny us our morning coffee!

Meals in Week 4 include super green paleo fried rice, vegetable curry, cheesy green mish-mash soup, salmon patties, sausage walnut and beetroot hash, savoury lentils and beef rendang. I have to admit, none of them look particularly appealing. I put the meal plan on the fridge today, and caught my husband staring at it sadly. Maybe we will be surprised! We were pleasantly surprised a couple of times this week, so you never know…

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I used to hate peppermint tea, but now find it refreshingly sweet

I used to hate peppermint tea, but now find it refreshingly sweet


  1. mmmarzipan says:

    I was traveling for most of week 4, so it was a write-off for me in many ways. But I managed to ditch caffeine (though I am still feeling it!)… somehow! Loved your reflections!

    • Erin says:

      That’s amazing, well done! We haven’t even tried to give up caffeine. In fact I’m drinking my morning coffee Right Now. 😀

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