#6 My Man Quits Sugar: Week Four

Man-Flu has hit our household. The boys are laying around in front of the television, groaning and feverish, while I ply them with fluids and panadol. Even my little baby is a little off after he had his vaccinations on Friday. Meanwhile, I’m smashing hot chicken bone broth, trying to defend myself against getting the less severe, regular version of the flu ;-). I’m infusing the bone broth with garlic, ginger, chilli, coriander, mint, lime, lemongrass and turmeric. I really don’t want to get sick!

Straight up, I must confess that we did not commit to ‘clean week’ at all. We mostly followed the meal plan, but did not cut out caffeine, alcohol or gluten. A couple of times I added it – such as chucking in a handful of pasta with the sausage beetroot hash. I also couldn’t bear to serve green mish-mash soup to my family, and see their disappointed faces. Instead, I defrosted pork and fennel meatballs I had leftover from Week 1. The benefit of skipping the mish-mash soup was that I got to use the greens in my own bone broth noodle soup for lunch!

In other amazing news, I actually went to a Body Balance class this week. Years ago, I used to love Body Balance, and its mix of Tai Chi, yoga and pilates. It’s exercising without any horrible running or jumping around. I say this is amazing news, because it’s literally the first time I have deliberately exercised since… oh, I lose count of the years. Because I am small and lean, people usually think I’m exaggerating when I tell them how unfit I am, until they see me walk up a set of stairs and try to maintain a conversation. Anyway, I really enjoyed it, and I’m hoping to go back again this coming week – if only to continue the search for my stomach muscles.

Week 4 in Review

1. Favourite meal?

Him: I liked the burrito bowl and the fried rice.
Me: I agree with both of those. Using half cauliflower rice and half basmati rice is such a good idea – it couldn’t be noticed and is a good way to sneak in even more vegetables.

2. Least favourite meal?

Him: Salmon patties. They just weren’t very nice, they were really fishy.
Me: The salmon patties too. I get a bit frustrated with anything that requires time to be made into balls, or fritters, or patties – especially since the toddler doesn’t really seem to appreciate them!

3. What are you missing?

Him: Pizza. It’s because I’m sick. I want comfort food.
Me: I’m not craving anything as such, but I am really looking forward to bringing some fruit back in after next week.

4. How are you feeling?

Him: Rubbish. [he is currently huddled under a blanket]
Me: The fact that I’m the only one in the house who is not sick (fingers crossed) is a very good sign that my immune system has improved. In the past, I’ve always been the first to get sick.

5. How is the reduced alcohol intake going?

Him: I’ve hardly had any alcohol this week because I’ve been sick.

Week 5 meals include celeriac, cauliflower and pumpkin gratin, tandoori chicken, lentil and sweet potato pie and roasted capsicum bolognese. We swapped a couple of meals around this week, so we will also be having the beef rendang and savoury lentils. I’m looking forward to trying the spiced pumpkin smoothie.

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My first ever green smoothie was a delicious lime-y and minty surprise

My first ever green smoothie was a delicious lime-y and minty surprise

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