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Greek Yoghurt Pizza with Lamb and Mint Pesto

By the end of Week 4 of the I Quit Sugar program, my husband was sick with Man-Flu and craving pizza, his comfort food. I happened to come across a pizza dough recipe with only two ingredients – greek yoghurt and self raising flour. It was a sign! I had to see if it really worked, so I whipped one up for lunch. I love greek yoghurt, but no one else in the house is really keen on it, so it seemed like a good way to sneak more into their diet. Continue reading

Fresh Mint Pesto

Versatile fresh mint pesto

Versatile fresh mint pesto

I created this fresh mint pesto to use as a base on my lamb pizza, but it could be used in all manner of things: tossed through hot spaghetti with peas, dolloped on seafood, in a salad dressing, as an accompaniment to lamb cutlets, as a spread on a sandwich or wrap. Continue reading

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