#7 My Man Quits Sugar: Week Five

It finally feels like we’re on the downhill slope, and particularly so as we get to start introducing some fruit and fructose-free sweeteners in Week Six! I never thought I’d be so excited about a handful of berries.

Although their dad is now feeling better, both the boys have been sick this week with chesty colds. This is the first time the little six-month-old has been sick, so he has looked bewildered and sad all week, and has mostly just sat on me, being all depressed and covered in snot. It was very sad to watch. (Also why I’m a day late with this week’s post!).

After gloating last week that I have been pimple-free, I now have one giant, bright red spot on my chin, the size of a second chin. I put this down to the sneaky pizza we had delivered in the week, when we were all over it. Although we scrutinised all the nutrition panels to find the one with the least amount of sugar, it was still full of bad fats and toxins. I’ve really been able to see through this process how what I eat affects my skin – that it’s less to do with lotions and more to do with food fuel.

I am also becoming less tempted by sugar. Out for dinner with friends earlier in the week, they all ordered various cakes and puddings for dessert. I reflected to them that only a month ago, I could not have sat there and watched them eat it, but now I didn’t feel the same terrible need. I find that now when I stand in the confectionery aisle in the supermarket, I’m a little repulsed by all the bright packets with their processed and toxic ingredients; where before I would have stood there for hours trying to decide which chocolate bar to buy. I am, however, really looking forward to having some healthier sweet treats – cacao brownies with cream, hazelnut orange cupcakes, the pumpkin pie I’m going to bake for our family Christmas in July next weekend… I figure it’s a good thing that I’m now more inclined towards wholefood goodness! Almond butter has been my friend these last few weeks.

Prior to the program commencing, I put all our processed and added sugar ‘foods’ into a box in the garage. The tomato and BBQ sauces, canned soups, milo (my guilty pleasure in the past), hot chocolate, muesli bars, spreads. I wanted to get rid of them altogether, but my husband wasn’t ready, so part of this process has been about seeing whether he would want to stay away from those things too, post-IQS. This week I broached the subject with him again, and he was very happy to give these items away. Win!

Week 5 in Review

1. Favourite meal?

Him: Roasted capsicum bolognese – it tasted just like regular bolognese, although a little less saucy.
Me: Also the bolognese – I didn’t think I’d like it but could hardly tell the difference. The lamb pizza for lunch was really good – though not part of the program!

2. Least favourite meal?

Him: Savoury lentils. Because, you know, lentils.
Me: I mostly liked everything this week.

3. What are you missing?

Him: Sauce on things. But I will try the sugar-free versions of sauce after the program.
Me: I’m missing sweet treats – but not the sugar loaded ones – the delicious fructose-free treats! Can’t wait for the next few weeks!

4. How are you feeling?

Him: Hungry. I have hope for Week 6 when we can have some fruit and sweeteners again.
Me: Good – I feel like we’ve done the hard yards and are coming out the other end.

5. How is the reduced alcohol intake going?

Him: Fine… But I’m not sure how it will look after the program. Whether I will still keep it down as much as I have, or whether it will go back up a bit.

Week 6 meals include fish and chips, pumpkin and spinach dahl, pepita and sesame chicken, and moroccan lamb shanks. We get to include some berries with our breakfast, try out a delicious sounding salted caramel haloumi snack (made with apple), and ‘experiment’ with bringing some stevia back in to our morning coffee – if we need it.

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  1. Katie M says:

    Really enjoying reading your posts on IQS. It’s encouraged me to cut down my sugar intake – so far I’ve replaced the sugar in my tea/coffee with stevia! Small steps..

    • Erin says:

      That’s great news Katie! Well done! That was my first step too. Very small, gradual steps. Things like that can make all the difference. Please keep me posted on how you go!

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