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A counter-list: 14 things to do before 9am

I Quit Sugar recently published a post on 14 things to do before 9am. It gave me a giggle. Most days, my husband has left for work before we wake, or is still asleep after night-shift, so mornings are usually my job.

I couldn’t resist posting my own counter-list, of 14 things that I do before 9am, and which many other parents do too. It would also be more realistic to say before 8am, if taking travel time to childcare / school / work into consideration! Continue reading

The paradox – and sad irony – of our age, in a toilet

(Not my parents' toilet...)

There is a wall-hanging on the back of my parents’ toilet door.

I’ve always loved it, I read it every time I’m sitting on their toilet, and I’ve often considered stealing it. No doubt they would have just given it to me if I’d asked. Continue reading

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