#9 My Man Quits Sugar: Week Seven

I’m both relieved and a little sad that the program is nearly at an end – one week left. Relieved and excited because we will be able to go forth and fly free! I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes, including some ideas for the blog. But I’m also a little sad because it has been a fun journey that I’ve enjoyed sharing, and took a lot of stress out of meal planning. But, we’re not there yet, so I won’t get ahead of myself.

Today, my husband banned me from the kitchen. I woke up with a cracking headache, one of those ‘whole face’ ones, and I had promised to make pancakes for breakfast. I just couldn’t function. So he did his ‘I’m taking over this whole operation!’ thing, and made the pancakes, which we ate with coconut butter and rice malt syrup. Then I went back to bed and slept for FOUR HOURS. It was lovely. My incredible husband did all the washing, put the pork on to slow-cook, made IQS zucchini brownies, apple puree for baby, fed the children, sterilised the bottles, took out the rubbish and did the dishes. This afternoon we sat down for afternoon tea with the fresh brownies, and he gave me my first lesson in how to use our new camera. He even made tortillas from scratch to have with the pulled pork. YES!

Earlier this week while out and about and thirsty, we decided to share a Coke Zero. Not only was it the first Coke we’d had in nearly two months, it was also the first soft drink. As he’d really missed Coke, he was beside himself with excitement and had the first guzzle. Then he blinked, ran his tongue around his mouth and said, ‘It’s very sweet. And thick. I feel like it’s coating my mouth.’ I was never a huge Coke lover anyway, but when I tried it I was a bit repulsed by the sickly caramel flavour that lingered and made me crave water. We didn’t finish it, and I believe it may still be sitting in the car.

I also had a major slip-up this week, which I haven’t told my husband about – he’s learning about this now! During a friend’s birthday celebration lunch I ate a big piece of sponge-cake, smothered in chocolate icing. In spite of these last two months, I still don’t want to be ‘that’ person, who goes to birthday parties and refuses to eat the cake that someone else has gone to the trouble to make. Anyway, I ate it in about four minutes flat, and thought, ‘See? I’m fine. Piece of cake!’ An hour later, I crashed. I was exhausted. I couldn’t even manage to make dinner – fortunately my eldest son was having a sleepover at his grandparents’ house, my husband was working, and so I only had to feed the baby, put him to bed, and scrounge up a toasted sandwich that I didn’t even feel like eating. Even though I had known about the effects of sugar in theory, it was the first time I had truly experienced them in an isolated way, and it surprised me.

Week 7 in Review

1. Favourite meal?

Him: Pork. You already knew that.
Me: I loved the pulled pork. Not just because I didn’t have to cook it!

2. Least favourite meal?

Him: The mushroom and hazelnut quinoa. It didn’t have any redeeming features!
Me: Yeah…. Mushroom and hazelnut quinoa.

3. What are you missing?

Him: Nothing, I don’t think… We bought a tomato and BBQ sauce this week that had no added sugar and very low fructose. The tomato sauce was good, but the BBQ was almost too sweet!
Me: I can honestly say, there is nothing I am missing. Eating that big piece of cake proved that to me.

4. How are you feeling?

Him: I’m alright. A shade tired, but in regards to the program I’m fine. My digestive system feels like it’s functioning well.
Me: Great! Feeling healthier and better about myself has made me much more positive.

5. How is the reduced alcohol intake going?

Him: It was a long week and I really wanted beer. But now I’m having beer, so I’m happy.

Week 8 meals include a lot of the meals we have prepared and frozen earlier in the program, so we will be mixing it up a bit. As I have done most of the cooking throughout the program, I also have a big challenge for my man – to make dinner from scratch, using IQS principles: no or low fructose, a good quality protein source, lots of vegetables, minimal starchy carbohydrates, using wholefoods, and being adaptable for lunch the next day. I’m excited to see what he comes up with!

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