#10 My Man Quits Sugar: Week Eight

And just like that… It’s over! How sad! BUT, I can truly say that although I will miss the meal plans, being part of the program, and chatting online with my fellow IQS 8 Week Programmers; I don’t feel as though it’s ending, because we will continue to carry on the program philosophies.

We went a little freestyle in the last week of the program, which used up a lot of the meals we had cooked and frozen earlier. As I had done most of the cooking throughout the two months, I also set my man a challenge – to plan and cook dinner based on the IQS principles he had learnt: fructose-free, lots of vegetables, a quality source of protein, no or low starchy carbohydrates, and adaptable for lunch the following day. He was also desperate to try out our new Thermomix, which I have been hogging, and made a lovely steamed meatloaf wrapped in proscuitto, with plenty of steamed vegetables and a mushroom sauce. Success!

After my major slip-up last week, this week it was his turn. He ate a few chocolate-chip biscuits while at work – the cheap and nasty kind. I was actually really impressed that he came home and told me about it, and how it made him feel. He talked about having an almost alcohol-like sugary coating in his throat for the rest of the day.

To celebrate finishing the program, I created an indulgent fructose-free salted popcorn brownie sundae with almond toffee. Why not!? It was quite incredible, if I say so myself. I got high praise from my husband, who is a harsh critic when it comes to food. I’ll follow up with the recipe later this week!

Not an IQS8WP recipe, but my own fructose-free (yes!) salted popcorn brownie sundae with almond toffee. Recipe to follow later this week!

Not an IQS8WP recipe, but my own fructose-free (yes!) salted popcorn brownie sundae with almond toffee. Recipe to follow later this week!

Week 8 in Review

1. Favourite meal?

Him: Although it wasn’t an IQS program meal, the pork knuckle was my favourite.
Me: I really love the paleo fried rice, which we had with crispy baked chicken wings.

2. Least favourite meal?

Him: You already know – that beetroot quinoa one.
Me: Mmmm, yes, I have to agree!

3. What are you missing?

Him: BBQ sauce – the new sugar-free tomato sauce we got is good, but I still miss the old BBQ.
Me: Nothing!

4. How are you feeling?

Him: I’m alright – no complaints, so that has to be a good thing.
Me: I definitely have more day-to-day endurance than I used to.

5. How is the reduced alcohol intake going?

Him: It’s fine… It’s boring. I’m having a beer tonight!

Although the program is now officially over, this series isn’t, yet. Following soon will be a ‘post-program interview post’, to reflect on the program in its entirety and how it has affected us. In a few months’ time we will also touch base again to see how we are going once we have some distance from the program! Whether, in spite of all our big talk now, we can make it stick…

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