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#10 My Man Quits Sugar: Week Eight

And just like that… It’s over! How sad! BUT, I can truly say that although I will miss the meal plans, being part of the program, and chatting online with my fellow IQS 8 Week Programmers; I don’t feel as though it’s ending, because we will continue to carry on the program philosophies. Continue reading

Honestly? Eating healthy is hard work and not cheap.

I have to admit that I always get a little irritated when health experts come out and lecture people on how cheap and easy it is to eat healthy food. “An apple only costs 90 cents!”

Over the last six months, I have gradually overhauled the contents of my household’s pantry and fridge. This started when my mother was diagnosed with diabetes, and recently culminated in my husband and I participating in the current I Quit Sugar program. Continue reading

#9 My Man Quits Sugar: Week Seven

I’m both relieved and a little sad that the program is nearly at an end – one week left. Relieved and excited because we will be able to go forth and fly free! I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes, including some ideas for the blog. But I’m also a little sad because it has been a fun journey that I’ve enjoyed sharing, and took a lot of stress out of meal planning. But, we’re not there yet, so I won’t get ahead of myself. Continue reading

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