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Sweet potato pikelets with cinnamon cream cheese and candied pecans

Every now and then, my husband goes on a pancake making frenzy. Flour, egg, milk. Fry them in oil and served them drenched in butter and pure maple syrup. The Sunday morning before last was one such frenzy. I encouraged him to consider using different toppings, but he was adamant they be served the ‘traditional way’.

As I skewered a wedge of syrup covered pancake on my fork, I tentatively said, ‘I’ve realised, the problem with having maple syrup this way is that we have so much of it, and it’s 40% fructose.’

‘It’s a treat!’ He replied defiantly, and determinedly munched his way through a stack. A few minutes later, he followed up quietly: ‘It is very sweet though. I reckon I’d be happy using rice malt syrup these days…’

Occasionally, I use a small amount of maple syrup in baking and cooking, but usually this means no more than a few tablespoons, in something that is going to be divided into many serves, such as bliss balls. Pouring it over pancakes in that extravagant way that we do, is another matter. But, whatever. I didn’t want to complain because he’d gone to all that effort.

Half an hour later we were both rolling around the floor. ‘I feel like I’ve been poisoned!’ He complained, running to the toilet. We felt awful – hungover, and seedy. My head ached, and my stomach hurt. We drank a lot of water. Continue reading

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