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Gelatinous Gut Goodness – Dinosaur Chews

I’ve always shied away from using powdered gelatin in recipes, possibly due to years of watching Masterchef competitors screw up panna cottas. If they couldn’t get it right, surely I wouldn’t be able to!

I am aware of the health benefits of gelatin, and have been making my own chicken bone broth for some months, which is much cheaper than buying packaged chicken stock. I take a particular pride in achieving a golden ‘gel’ on the top of my ten-hour broth. Georgia at Well Nourished has provided an excellent overview of the benefits of bone broth and a recipe. She also provides ideas on how to use bone broth every day. In my experience, you don’t need to use a freshly cooked chicken carcass and bones. When we roast a whole organic chicken, or bake a batch of chicken wings, I save and freeze all the bones in giant ziplock bags. First thing on stock day, I simply dump the frozen bones into my massive stock pot, along with the frozen vegetable odds and ends that I’ve saved along the way (carrot peel, celery ends, onion and garlic peel, herbs). Georgia suggests using apple cider vinegar, which helps to extract the gelatin from the bones.

Powdered gelatin, however, has never been on the menu, until I came across this recent article by Sarah Wilson and her recipe for coffee almond gummy squares. I have been wanting to make a healthy ‘lolly’ for my kids, so I used Sarah’s easy method to make gelatin chews in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours. In dinosaur moulds, of course. Continue reading

Movie time! Fructose-free Choc-Toffee Popcorn Clusters

I haven’t gone to the cinema much this year. I’m NOT going to count the time I took my toddler and newborn baby to see an excruciating Sunday morning Thomas the Tank Engine special. I’d thought it would be a movie-length special, but it turned out to be an hour and a half of ten minute back-to-back episodes, complete with opening songs and credits. It was like a toddler Netflix binge.

So, I was very excited when friends organised a cinema outing last night to see Gone Girl. To the LATE session no less! I was worried I’d fall asleep. I didn’t. I’m not a huge fan of cinema food though, especially the prices. I decided to be a dork and take my own movie-time treats from home.

Enter, fructose-free choc-toffee popcorn clusters! Continue reading

I’m not judging you for not quitting sugar – just finding my own line

I recently came across this article on my Facebook news-feed, shared by a vegetarian friend. The author, Sylvia, shares her frustrations about how often she is questioned about her vegetarianism, and says that this usually turns into a debate about the pros and cons of not eating meat.

In discussing the reasons why she has experienced hostility towards her lifestyle, Sylvia comes to the conclusion that people don’t like to feel judged, and that even though she stopped eating meat as a personal choice; “the message behind stepping outside the status quo is that the status quo is bad, and that puts people on the defensive.” The irony of this, is that when people do get defensive and lash out because they fear they are being judged, their hostility or criticism is usually terribly judgmental in itself. Continue reading

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