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A Cherry Berry Ripe Smoothie

DSC_0694 2Market research in 2013 found that Cadbury’s Cherry Ripe, Australia’s oldest chocolate bar, was also the country’s most popular choice, even ahead of the classic dairy-milk bar. Although my chocolate bars of choice tended towards Snickers and Twix, I’d always been a bit partial to Cherry Ripe too, as a fan of dark chocolate. But it tastes too sweet for me now. And the sugar content? More than six teaspoons of sugar in one bar.

This smoothie takes the core flavours of the popular treat – berries, coconut and chocolate – and smoothifies it to be much more fructose-friendly. It is also dairy-free. Continue reading

Quitting sugar gave me food freedom, not an eating disorder

After reading one too many articles criticising sugar-free and paleo lifestyles – this time from Donna Hay, who labelled these lifestyles the ‘new eating disorders’, I started to wonder whether in fact I do have an eating disorder. Continue reading

Hey Canberra! Have you done the I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program?

If you have completed the I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program, either online or using the I Quit Sugar book, please join me for a pot-luck picnic in December, to meet other IQS ‘alumni’, share some IQS-friendly food and chat about our experiences (and challenges!) post-IQS8WP.

The picnic will be held at Lake Burley Griffin from 11am – 1pm(ish) on Sunday 14 December 2014.

If you are interested in coming along or want more information, including about the venue, please send me an email at


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