#4 Round 2 of I Quit Sugar: Weeks Seven and Eight in Review

And it’s over! The last fortnight of the IQS8WP is complete, and it’s been a fun ride. I will post a more comprehensive review of the program in the next week or so, but in the meantime, here is a brief wrap up from the last fortnight.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to the sold-out screening of That Sugar Film, which included a Q and A session with Director Damon Gameau. I went along with my Mum and a bunch of other IQS Canberrans, so it was also really lovely to catch up with them and compare our experiences of the program!

The film is continuing to screen for a limited time in Australia, and is set to launch in Europe and America before being released on DVD. It is an excellent movie – thoroughly entertaining and enlightening, and very cleverly made. For those who have seen it – I asked Damon what happened to 17 year old Larry with ‘the teeth’ – apparently, he did eventually get his dentures, and joined the US military. But he still drinks Mountain Dew.

In other news, I ate a piece of chocolate cake at a birthday party this week. Not particularly interesting news, I know – but I thought it was important to include here in my experience of the program. It tasted delicious, albeit very, very sweet – and I’m glad I ate it. Some people would call this a lapse, but I prefer to think of these experiences as reminders, of why I like to live a predominately low-fructose life. As I ate the cake, I recognised the pleasure centres in my brain lighting up, saying, ‘more, more, MORE’! Fortunately now I can see this for what it is – a biological response to the fructose, and it’s easier to refrain from eating the entire cake and get back on track.

In the final fortnight of the program, my favourite meals included: Not Quite Cherry Ripe Bites (ok, not a meal, but definitely a stand-out!), Lebanese spiced lamb with sweet potato fattoush, skillet lamb nachos, french toast with berries, paprika pork chops with peach salad, and zucchini and haloumi fritters. I realise this is basically half the menu…

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