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#5: Review of the I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program (Jan – March 2015)

This is a review of my second round of the I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program, which I completed between January and March this year. I did the program again to ‘reset’ my body in the new year, and to have two months of nutritious recipes laid out for me. My Mum did the program for the first time, so we did many of our Sunday cook-ups together and had fun comparing our experiences of the meals.

I didn’t do the program to ‘quit sugar’ again, as I had continued living a low-fructose lifestyle since first completing the program in July last year. However, doing it again allowed me to realise how much easier it has become to live a low-sugar life, and to enjoy other aspects of the program that I was less focused on last time, while in the midst of sugar cravings: learning new ways to cook, cutting down on caffeine – a surprising outcome – and thinking about new ways to use leftovers. I realised too, that I really do feel my best during the program, when I am planning and eating nutrient-dense meals with loads of vegetables, and making food a priority, instead of letting it slide in favour of all the other things that need to get done. Continue reading

Happy Easter! Sugar-free Hot Cross Buffins and a Choc Raspberry Cake…

I hadn’t intended to write a blog post over the Easter weekend, but when I made these healthy hot cross ‘buffins’ from Well Nourished, I had to share them with everyone.

I had been eyeing off these buffins since last Easter, when Georgia first released the recipe. Back then I didn’t know what spelt flour was, which probably put me off. But now I use it all the time! These buffins have all the flavour of a hot cross muffin, without the sugar and artificial ingredients. I used rice malt syrup as my sweetener of choice, and added a small handful of dried cranberries instead of the recommended half cup of sultanas. They got a big thumbs up from the boys. Continue reading

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