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Recipe: A Healthier Egg and Bacon Pie

I’m on holidays, hooray! The uni semester is over, and my husband and I have taken a couple of weeks off work, initially with the intention that we’d visit his family in NSW, but as we’ve just put an offer on a new house – exciting and scary – we are sticking around to deal with the paperwork.

It does feel a bit odd to be on holiday and not be going anywhere, but also kind of indulgent too. I get to go on some local Canberra adventures with the kids, test out some recipes, read books, watch Netflix, and tend to this much-neglected blog. Today the kids went off to have a day of fun and games at childcare, and my husband and I took ourselves out for lunch and to see Jurassic World (a fun and really bad movie, full of cliches and plot holes – as you’d expect!). We take the opportunity to have these ‘date days’ a few times a year, and we are always glad that we do. Continue reading

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