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In the interest of transparency: My new affiliations

Well, I do say on my ‘About Me’ page that I’m an over-thinker, and I’m sure this is no exception. But in the interest of transparency and honesty…

I’m very happy to say that I am now officially affiliated with two online businesses that have had a strong influence on my own health ‘journey’ over the last two years: I Quit Sugar, and Well Nourished. It’s an odd coincidence that this has happened in the same week! Being an ‘affiliate’ means that I will now receive a small commission from IQS and Well Nourished sales purchased via this website. I’m hoping this will help to cover (some of) the costs of maintaining this blog – which is a labour of love, but at times, an expensive one!

I am occasionally invited by companies to promote their products and services, in return for payment. Early on into my blogging, I decided that I wouldn’t do this – unless it was for a product that I already used, loved, and felt strongly about. While I was at the Eat Drink Blog conference last year, one speaker said:

“Don’t do it if it gives you that ‘icky’ feeling in your stomach.”

Sound advice, which has guided me well. Although it wasn’t a hard decision to turn down the offer to promote take-away pizza.

Regular readers will know that I have written often about both IQS and Georgia from Well Nourished over the last two years, both here and on Instagram and Facebook, sharing my experiences of the I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program, as a participant and then an Ambassador (an unpaid support role); and my favourite recipes and articles from Georgia, particularly those on raising healthy kids. Both IQS and Well Nourished have influenced the way I eat and feed my family, my understanding and appreciation of real food, and subsequent experience of improved health.

I deliberated over whether I should become an affiliate for I Quit Sugar, while I am still partway through my Simplicious Challenge – my challenge to cook all 306 recipes from Sarah Wilson’s book Simplicious; a challenge I will likely not finish until next year. But to be honest? I already love the book. The challenge is a personal one, rather than a ‘book review’ – to explore the impact it has on the way I buy, cook, consume and waste food (while making a bunch of delicious recipes along the way!).

If you do choose to purchase your IQS or Well Nourished products via this website (simply by using the links to their website from this blog), I thank you VERY much for your support.

Erin xx

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A weekend away, and new family-favourite recipes

I’ve been away for a few days visiting my husband’s family on the mid-north NSW coast, in a tiny village near Taree. We stay in my husband’s childhood home where his dad still lives, a federation bungalow-style house on a huge block with perfectly mowed grass. It’s very hot and humid, and there’s no air-conditioning, just a few ceiling fans. But in the 11 years I’ve been visiting, it has grown on me: the appalling internet, the lack of Netflix provide a kind of forced ‘retreat’, in which time seems to slow down. I always end up watching interesting evening movies on SBS, that I otherwise would bypass. Last time it was No Country for Old Men (I have seen it twice now and still feel like I don’t quite get it). This time it was Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

I found it amusing, one night after dinner, to watch my two little boys sitting outside on the front verandah steps eating slices of watermelon to cool down, the juices running down their arms – a very Australian cliche. My husband tried to teach our boys to climb a tree, one that he climbed as a kid. He was unimpressed by our four year old’s reaction: “But there’s ANTS! And SLIME!” (moss), and now he is even keener for us to go camping, a prospect that I find… unappealing. :-/

Anyhow, now we are home to the busyness of everyday life, and I’m hoping to share a new recipe next weekend, if I can just find the time to photograph it before then! In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of recent recipes that we have enjoyed, by my IQS buddies, Elise (@healthyfamily5) and Rani (@youtotallygotthis). Continue reading

My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions were… unsuccessful.

A year ago, I wrote about my ‘resolution’ for 2015: to use social media more mindfully. Less, yes, but specifically more deliberately – not in the absent-minded, scattered, trying-to-fill-a-hole-in-time kind of way. Refreshing Facebook in the hope that some interesting article will appear, to occupy my brain momentarily and make me feel like I’ve spent that time in a worthwhile manner.

For the first part of the year, I did alright. I had rules for myself around when I could check in with social media during the day. It was kind of liberating, and useful when I started studying again and needed to focus. Then it started to sneak back in dribs and drabs, until suddenly I’m grazing on social media while lying in bed again. The blurring of lines also came about, I think, due to the connections and friendships I developed with people online – some of whom I have subsequently met in ‘real life’, and some I haven’t. Although I’d like to break the social media addiction, I’m not willing to give up those positive relationships. Continue reading

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