‘Taking over’ the I Quit Sugar Instagram (with outtakes!)

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to be part of a ‘takeover’ of the I Quit Sugar Instagram account, with fellow IQS Ambassador Elise (@healthyfamily5). Elise and I ‘met’ each other through Instagram during the 2015 Summer round of the IQS 8 Week Program, and both subsequently became ambassadors for IQS. Late in 2015, Elise and her family visited Canberra for her daughter’s swimming event, and we arranged to catch up for a coffee and meet in person (read: I intended to interrogate her on her photography tips and tricks). I had worked with Elise online on a previous blog post, about how we transitioned our families to a low sugar lifestyle, so I was thrilled to meet her in person.

When the IQS team invited Elise and I to document our weekend together it was an exciting challenge and a fun project to work on together. Fortunately (!) we hit it off when we met for a drink at Tilley’s Devine Cafe on the Friday evening. We both have shared interests in supporting families to transition to and maintain a low-sugar, real food lifestyle, and knew we wanted this to be a focus of our takeover – to hopefully provide some tips and recipes for other families in the same situation (see the blog post highlighted above for more information). Below I have included the images we shared for the Instagram takeover, which featured on the IQS account last weekend. At the end of the post are some ‘outtakes’ – a few extra photos from our weekend that didn’t make the final cut.

The Instagram Takeover

Early on Saturday morning, we hustled our respective family members into a family shot (some of them quite reluctantly – thanks to my husband for acquiescing! hehe).

I then took Elise and one of her daughters to visit the Capital Region Farmer’s Market, Canberra’s biggest weekly market with over 100 stalls, for a coffee and to buy some fresh produce for our family picnic.

We bought up on local cheese, bread, olives and fruit at the market and shared a family picnic together, with some of our favourite IQS family-friendly recipes, which are all available online at the IQS website: Sesame crusted haloumi and strawberry salad, pork and fennel sausage rolls (I ate a large proportion of these!), guacamole, sweet potato crisps, and HobNob biscuits. I add crunchy peanut butter to my biscuits (melted with the butter and rice malt syrup), and often chuck in a handful of dark chocolate chips. Don’t leave them in the oven too long as they burn easily!

In keeping with our interest in supporting families, we were excited to submit a few of our ‘family favourite’ recipes. Elise visited the Australian War Memorial with two of her children on the Saturday afternoon, and was intrigued by the stories of women managing their rations during World War 2. It inspired her to create the recipe for these Jaffa Rock Cakes. Get her family-favourite Ricotta and Spinach Pappardelle with Vegetable Sauce recipe here (I made this one a couple of days ago, and it is really delicious!). My ‘sweet or savoury’ Spiced Sweet Potato Waffles recipe is available on this website, and my low-fructose, veggie-charged Chilli Con Carne is available on the IQS website.

On Sunday, we were fortunate to spend some time together on our own to have lunch at Local Press, one of my favourite wholefood cafes in Canberra. Located on the new(ish) Kingston Foreshore, this little cafe creates seasonal, nutritious and creative meals, and made us feel very welcome.

Elise and I were very touched by the positive feedback received about our Instagram takeover – it was so lovely to read the supportive comments from everyone in the IQS community. PS – Check out the dodgier version of this photo in the ‘out-takes’ below! 🙂

The Outtakes…

As you can imagine, we took many, many photos over the weekend (while I peppered Elise with questions about her photography). Below are a few that didn’t make it to the final cut.

We took lots of photos of fresh produce at the Capital Region Farmers Markets on the Saturday morning, before we settled on the colourful carrots pictured above. I liked this particular photo of my 4 year old with local garlic… but thought it might be weird to have a stranger’s unsuspecting butt in the photo! 😀

Produce at the Capital Region Farmers Market in Canberra

I liked this one of my 4 year old with local garlic from the farmer’s market… But I thought it might be weird to have a stranger’s butt in the photo!

We shared our family picnic after our visit to the Farmers Markets, and then Elise took her kids to visit the Australian War Memorial, while I took my kids home to rest (and I ate picnic leftovers all afternoon! 🙂 ).

Erin and Elise at picnic

Taken at our picnic on the Saturday

War Memorial

Elise’s son at the Australian War Memorial

Here’s some proof that we did actually have lunch together at Local Press Cafe on the Sunday: we took awkward photos of each other! And naturally, we took more photos of food, while trying not to bother the people sitting next to us, who thankfully pretended they didn’t notice.

Below is the original version of our ‘thank-you’ photo, after I printed a dodgy little sign on my black and white printer. Luckily, Elise has some mad graphic design skills, and put together a much nicer finishing photo. This was taken at the Australian Institute of Sport, where Elise’s eldest daughter was participating in a swimming competition.

Erin and Elise say thanks

The dodgy version of our ‘thank-you’ photo. Thankfully Elise has fabulous graphic design skills!

It’s not often that such a fun project like this comes along, and it was all the more-so because I was able to enjoy it with someone who shares my passion for real food and healthy families. Thanks Elise!

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