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#5 A Simplicious Challenge: Food photography waste and a crockery addiction

The Simplicious Challenge: I’m cooking all 306 recipes from Sarah Wilson’s book Simplicious, to see the impact it has on the way I buy, cook, consume and waste food. Read the first post here, if you missed it.

While I’ve been busier than usual taking photos of my food over the last month (honestly, even writing that makes me cringe!) due to this challenge and the new round of the IQS 8 Week Program; I’ve started paying more attention to the way I use food just in the act of photographing it.

I’ve noticed on Instagram that there is a tendency to overfill jars and bowls, dripping fillings and sauces onto tables, to portray a sense of indulgence. Especially smoothies! They look gorgeous, of course. But I always wonder if they lick the table afterwards. And what they do with all the extra garnishes, that have been purchased just for garnishing, that have been scattered around the place. Do they scoop them up and eat them? My smoothies tend to be neat and tidy – much more boring. Mainly because I am generally a neat and tidy person (though not boring, I hope). Continue reading

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