My 2 year “Instaversary”: Recipes from some of my favourite bloggers

I’ve been absent for a while – we’ve been on a lovely family holiday to the Sunshine Coast in QLD. I’ll probably write more on that soon, as there were some excellent kid-friendly eateries I’d like to recommend! Also, I haven’t stopped my Simplicious Challenge, but decided I would combine my May and June months into a single post, due to the holiday and finishing up a uni course prior to that. That post will be coming next weekend. 🙂

In the meantime though, I’d like to share some new recipes that I’ve tried recently, from other bloggers. A little over two years ago – not very long after starting this blog – I apprehensively joined Instagram so I could participate in the online community for my first ever I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program. I had no idea how to use it and found it overwhelming at first (now I feel that way about Snapchat! Which I have still not joined…). My first photo was a pork knuckle with sauerkraut, which I nervously posted to no one. To be honest, I initially found taking and sharing photos a scarier prospect than writing here on this public blog – perhaps because it’s a different type of creativity. But over the last two years I’ve found it to be an enjoyable and supportive experience, and one that seems friendlier than Facebook in many ways.

To mark the occasion, I wanted to say a little thank-you to some of the bloggers that I’ve met along the way (some in real life), who contributed to or were part of my family’s experience to better health; by trying and sharing their recipes. Obviously, a huge influence has been the team at I Quit Sugar – but I write about them all the time, so that’s a given. 😉

Miss Marzipan’s Beetroot Gnocchi with Sage, Walnut and Browned Butter Sauce

Marisa was one of the first people I ‘met’ on Instagram in my first 8 week program, who encouraged me and said nice things about my absolutely woeful photos. Seriously, some of them were dreadful – I actually named one of them ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’. Marisa, while sharing her own stunning pics (and going on to win the competition for best photos), always took the time to support everyone else, and fostered a sense of community for participants, which has strengthened over time. I loved her beetroot gnocchi recipe – the small amount of effort it takes to make the gnocchi is worth it, for this tasty, rich, buttery dish.
Click here to view Marisa’s recipe for beetroot gnocchi with sage, walnut and browned butter sauce.

Miss Marzipan's Beetroot Gnocchi with Sage, Walnut and Browned Butter Sauce

Miss Marzipan’s Beetroot Gnocchi with Sage, Walnut and Browned Butter Sauce

Georgia from Well Nourished’s Berry Nice Brownies

I’ve written about these brownies before – that’s how good they are! Georgia from Well Nourished has been a very strong influence on my family over the last two years, particularly in relation to providing helpful strategies on transitioning the kids to a low sugar, wholefoods diet. I use her eBooks ALL THE TIME, as well as the range of free recipes on her website. In saying ‘thanks’ to Georgia, I couldn’t really go past these brownies, as they were one of the first healthy treats I made (definitely the first containing hidden vegetables!). They are lovely with a little cream.
Click here to view Georgia’s recipe for Berry Nice Brownies.

Georgia from Well Nourished's Berry Nice Brownies

Georgia from Well Nourished’s Berry Nice Brownies

Elise’s Tahini and Ginger Biscuits

I ‘met’ Elise during the January 2015 round of the 8 Week Program, and was blown away by her creative photos (including ‘IQS’ spelled out with sausages!). We bonded over our shared experiences of transitioning our children to a low-sugar lifestyle, and she also helped me to write a blog post on the topic. We were lucky enough to meet in real life late last year when her family visited Canberra, which also turned into a ‘takeover’ of the IQS Instagram account. Elise has since launched Crave Real Food, and I was immediately drawn to this recipe, as a huge tahini and ginger fan. They are like healthier versions of gingernut biscuits, and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I ate at least 20 biscuits – from a batch of 26 that was supposed to be for the whole family… oops!
Click here to view Elise’s recipe for Tahini and Ginger Biscuits.

Elise's Ginger and Tahini Biscuits

Elise’s Ginger and Tahini Biscuits

Rani’s Nut-Free Muesli Squares

Rani from You Totally Got This (previously Health Trends Tested) is an active member of the IQS community, who I met online early last year. I was thrilled when she visited Canberra last year for the Eat Drink Blog conference, and we spent the weekend together being well fed and slightly intoxicated! She is a lovely, funny lady – the queen of puns – who has promised to show me the wholefoodie sights of Melbourne. These muesli squares caught my eye as they are suitable for breakfast, lunchboxes and snacks – and my husband also enjoyed eating them after bike rides. I can also vouch for her almond shortbread stars!
Click here to view Rani’s recipe for Nut-Free Muesli Squares.

Rani's Nut-Free Muesli Squares

Rani’s Nut-Free Muesli Squares

Leanne’s Brekkie Pot

Leanne is not a blogger, but I’d go so far as to say this is her signature dish – one that I’ve drooled over many, many times on Instagram, so I wanted to share it here. Leanne is a devoted IQSer and fellow mum, after having her baby Teddie during an 8 Week Program in early 2015. We’ve since shared parenting tips and breastfeeding accessories (don’t worry, they were sterilised first 😉 ). In typical Leanne style, this brekkie pot includes an IQS coconutty muffin, Jalna organic yoghurt, oats and fruit. Leanne also likes to add slow-cooked porridge to hers.
Click here to view Leanne’s Instagram at @leannehewy_passionatefoodie.

Leanne's Brekkie Pot

Leanne’s Brekkie Pot

Caiti’s Basil and Ricotta Pancakes

Caiti from Plant Fuelled Chaos is a vegetarian blogger and fellow Canberran, who recently bought her first pair of pants in six years (how did she survive all these Canberra winters!?). I met Caiti in an early round of the 8 Week Program, and also in person at the Director’s screening of That Sugar Film in Canberra last year, which was a lot of fun! I asked her for the recipe for these pancakes after I drooled all over her photo of them, and she’s since put the recipe up on her new blog. They are very moreish – I ate quite a lot of them straight from the pan…
Click here to view Caiti’s recipe for Basil and Ricotta Pancakes.

Caiti's Basil and Ricotta Pancakes

Caiti’s Basil and Ricotta Pancakes

Diana’s Almond Macadamia Bursts

Diana is an IQS Expert, fitness guru and busy mum of three, who blogs at Body Be Well. She recently shared this recipe on the I Quit Sugar website, and they are also available in her mini eBook of sweet treats, only $3.95 from her website. They are to die for – and have no added sugar, no fancy ingredients, and are easy to make!
Click here to view Diana’s recipe for Almond Macadamia Bursts.

Diana's Almond Macadamia Bursts

Diana’s Almond Macadamia Bursts

I’ve come across some new blogs and recipes lately, and I’m looking forward to trying those out and sharing them too. My list of ‘recipes to make’ gets longer every day!


  1. I’m so honoured to be part of this amazing list of ladies Erin. I’ve loved reading these stories, it’s just amazing how such genuine connections can be borne from a love of food.

  2. Fran says:

    Great list! I’ll have to get started on sugar free snacks…next terms goal. One at a time you say 👍🏼

    Two years is quite an achievement. Congratulations.

    • Erin says:

      Thanks Fran! Yes I definitely found doing one at a time (such as a new one each week) the most achievable way to try out new things and build up a freezer stash!

  3. Elise says:

    Thank you Erin, you have truely inspired me as a foodie, supported me on my journey, encouraged me to start my own blog and as a genuine friend. Beautiful post and like Rani, I’m honoured to join these wonderful talented ladies too. ❤️

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