The Sugarfree Box won me over (I didn’t expect that…)

Full disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. Stephanie from The Sugarfree Box sent me a free mini-box to review. She has also offered to provide readers with a $10 discount (code below), which I will not financially benefit from.

So in the interest of being honest, I have to say that I was a little skeptical about the idea of The Sugarfree Box. My sister and other friends have subscribed to various ‘sample’ style boxes over the years, especially for beauty products, and it seemed like they often ended up giving more away than they kept.

I’d seen promotions for The Sugarfree Box on social media and thought it would probably fall into the same category. When Steph offered to send me a box to review, I was hesitant. I don’t usually review products, and the current blogging trend to provide positive reviews in exchange for freebies makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I felt so conflicted about it, I consulted with my husband. After rolling his eyes at what he considers to be my ‘over-thinking about everything’, he pointed out that this particular product sits firmly within my blogging niche, with its focus on low sugar, and that hey – since it wouldn’t be a sponsored/paid review, I should actually just try it out and then write an honest review that others could benefit from.


So with my skeptical hat on, I gratefully received a package in the mail, and unwrapped it to find a tidy little box tied up with a cute ribbon – a very nice touch. I had to fend off my husband to get a quick snap:

Mini Box from The Sugarfree Box

Mini Box from The Sugarfree Box

Then we both elbowed each other to get the first look while I opened up the box (and yes I totally felt the excitement of anticipation, even while trying to keep my skeptical hat on!). Flavoured olives, cool! I could eat olives all day and never get tired of them. Roasted seaweed snacks, three tea samples, a cookie-dough protein ball mix, and a large bag of teff flour. I was stoked to get the teff flour – I’d only just been reading about it a few days earlier, and was already keen to give it a try. There was also a voucher for Marley Spoon; a recipe and meal box delivery service. When I looked up the Marley Spoon website I was disappointed to find I’d have to spend at least another $20 to redeem it on the cheapest option they have ($55 for two make-at-home meals for two people!? Am I just really frugal or does that seem like a lot?).

Contents of the July Mini Box from The Sugarfree Box

Contents of the July Mini Box from The Sugarfree Box

I really liked the look of the products in the box – but did think that $39 for the box still seemed like a lot. When I emailed Stephanie to confirm which box I had, she let me know that she’d actually sent me the MINI BOX, not the Jumbo Box that I had assumed it was. Ohhhhhhh. Really!? Even with that large bag of teff flour? At $21.50 – $25 (more details below), I was actually quite impressed with what seemed like good value for money – even excluding the Marley Spoon voucher!

I enjoyed trying out the products over the next week, including using the teff flour in the base for the Simplicious Bountiful Bars. I used some of the seaweed snacks and olives in a mish-mash lunch bowl, and they were so moreish I ate most of them straight out of the pack. But the protein balls! They were SO GOOD. Fructose-free, but with a caramel-y, almost white chocolate flavour – it was all I could do to save some for my husband after his bike ride – the reason I had made them in the first place! I literally hopped straight online and ordered two more packets direct from The Fit Foodie.

A mish-mash lunch bowl, using flavoured olives and seaweed snacks from The Sugarfree Box

A mish-mash lunch bowl, using flavoured olives and seaweed snacks from The Sugarfree Box

Cookie-Dough Protein Balls from The Sugarfree Box

Cookie-Dough Protein Balls from The Sugarfree Box

I have to admit that the box won me over. It’s a fun option for someone embarking on their sugar-free journey, who might benefit from the extra motivation and ‘reward’ that the box brings each month. It’s also a good way to try out new products, like the teff flour that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have gotten around to buying myself. It would be a really wonderful gift idea for someone who already enjoys a sugar-free, wholefood lifestyle.

Many people who have ‘quit sugar’ will know that a lot of ‘health’ foods marketed as sugar-free often still have large amounts of sugar, using alternatives to cane sugar or nasty artificial sweeteners. All products included in The Sugarfree Box have a total sugar content of less than 5g per 100g.

The boxes range in price depending on the subscription package. A one-off Mini Box costs $25, but will come down to $21.50 per box in a 12 month subscription. Three and six month subscriptions are also available. The Jumbo Box ranges from $37 to $39, with the same subscription options available. Shipping is free.

SPECIAL OFFER: Stephanie from The Sugarfree Box has generously offered to give readers a $10 discount by using the code DREAMINGOFALMONDS at checkout. Might go get one myself actually…! The cut-off to buy the August box is 31 July 2016.


  1. What a cool product it combines the enjoyment of getting something in the post (not bills), the excitement of not quite knowing what’s in there & reassurance in knowing the products are low or sugar free. Also it sounds of good quality & value

    Thanks for review Erin

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