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#15 A Simplicious Challenge: Finding flow through connection

The Simplicious Challenge: I’m cooking all 306 recipes from Sarah Wilson’s book Simplicious, to see the impact it has on the way I buy, cook, consume and waste food. Read the first post here, if you missed it.

I was planning on writing about homemade cleaning products in this post. I know – riveting! I’m glad that I didn’t too. (But, if you are interested, I’ve made a surface spray and glass cleaner from Live Simply which has worked well. Brooke McAlary has also been discussing ‘slow home cleaning’ on her Slow Your Home podcast recently.) 🙂

Instead, I’ve been reflecting on ‘flow’ and how this looks in different parts of our lives. I had this lovely conversation last week with a couple of work colleagues, about the dire and depressing state of the world (yes really, it was lovely!). We ventured into what sometimes feels like the hopelessness of our efforts to contribute to positive environmental change. I REDcycle, use a bamboo toothbrush and own a keep cup; but my house is still hooked up to gas heating, a finite natural resource. My friend is spending a lot of money to double glaze his windows to reduce their energy needs, but at the end of the day – it’s just one house. Does it ever really make a difference? Are we all just doomed anyway? Continue reading

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