Miracle Muesli

I call this my Miracle Muesli because when I made a batch for my diabetic mother to replace her store-bought variety, her (previously high) blood sugar levels dropped to a normal level.

This is probably because her medication kicked in around that time.

But we like to call it the Miracle Muesli anyway! Mum and I have always loved muesli. Warm, cold, with fruit, yoghurt or honey. We’ve even always bought the same brand and flavour, which we thought was healthy. Until we realised how much sugar was in it. I set out to make my own, using mostly organic ingredients, cutting out all the sugar (bar a small amount of organic dried fruit) and emphasising all my favourite seeds. Continue reading

“It’s tradition”

When I was six years old in primary school, a boy pushed my friend over and she cried. I told the teacher. She pointed to the boy: “Detention,” she said. Then she whipped around and pointed at me. “You get detention too, for dobbing.”

At the time, I remember thinking not fair. As I grew up, I reflected on this with humour and affection for my six-year-old self. I’d known the rules. I had known that we weren’t allowed to dob, and so I’d gotten what I deserved. Continue reading

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