My chai obsession

My man is not a fan of my current evening ritual. Once the kids are in bed I brew a cup of chai tea, and I love the careful steps to make it just as much as I love drinking it. I don’t often drink alcohol, so as the weather cools off here in Canberra, I’m enjoying this indulgent milky nightcap that also feels so virtuous and nourishing. Continue reading

Are we all the same?

I love this post from awrestlingwriter, about our known and unknown biases against people based on appearances. I believe this also extends to behaviour and the way people live their lives – we are all so quick to judge the decisions others make, particularly if we perceive that we are or have been in similar situations (“well my parents got divorced too, and I didn’t turn to drugs/crime/insert behaviour here”). But we can never know what it is truly like to BE that person, who is on their own journey, and has their own history. I am guilty of judging people all the time. It is one of the things I am trying really hard to work on.

I feel sorry for the delivery man!

I’m sure most parents say this at some point, but I actually think my child will never be toilet trained.

I bought Lightning McQueen underwear for my 3-year-old son as an incentive to move from his pull-up nappies. He didn’t seem particularly thrilled with his ‘present’.

Twice today while I was stuck in an armchair breastfeeding the new baby, my eldest son weed on the floor. I told him to stand still, but he stepped in the smelly puddle in his socks, and then proceeded to stamp smelly little footprints all over the house. The second time this happened, a young delivery man turned up with my groceries. He looked a little scared. I felt like I was in one of those twenty minute sitcoms where everything keeps going wrong!

However, in between the bedlam, I managed to make these lovely Rhubarb and Cashew Muffins, recipe by Janella Purcell, the previous ‘Good Chef’ on Australian TV show Good Chef Bad Chef. It was the first time I had cooked with rhubarb, and I liked it. Sort of like celery with flavour!

Rhubarb and Cashew Muffins from Janella Purcell

Rhubarb and Cashew Muffins from Janella Purcell

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