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Another first world problem


Like many other people, I frequently find myself hugely conflicted: between the everyday going-ons of middle-class Australian life, and the deep pain and suffering experienced by so many around the world, but particularly at the moment, those refugees fleeing parts of the middle east. This is most apparent in my Facebook newsfeed, which is scattered with healthy recipes, Buzzfeed quizzes and updates from my friends’ lives – all vertically juxtaposed against images and stories of drowned children and families. Very few people who saw it were not affected by the devastating photo of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi, who drowned with his 5 year old brother, Galip, and their mother. As a mother of little boys, and just as a human being – I cried a lot. Continue reading

“It’s tradition”

When I was six years old in primary school, a boy pushed my friend over and she cried. I told the teacher. She pointed to the boy: “Detention,” she said. Then she whipped around and pointed at me. “You get detention too, for dobbing.”

At the time, I remember thinking not fair. As I grew up, I reflected on this with humour and affection for my six-year-old self. I’d known the rules. I had known that we weren’t allowed to dob, and so I’d gotten what I deserved. Continue reading

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