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Frantic doggy-paddling… Plus, a chocolate olive oil cake, and turmeric buttons

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve tried out a couple of recipes by my fellow Instagrammer/blogger mates, which I’d love to share here. One of them is by Sarah (@redladybird3 on Instagram). Coincidentally, Sarah also happened to comment recently on an old post that I wrote nearly a year ago, about how it had then been a year since I ceased taking anti-depression medication for anxiety (and depression to a lesser extent). She commented, ‘…it just shows that graceful swan image, stunning pictures, articulate & kind comments you make, gliding along beautifully can be accompanied by frantic paddling beneath still waters sometimes’.

Well, it was very nice of her to think of me as a graceful swan (no one else does, I’m sure!). I replied that I’m more like a puppy doggy-paddling. I might be less anxious than I once was, but I’m still doggy-paddling. Occasionally, someone uses the word ‘super mum’, mainly in relation to the number of things I do (part-time work, part-time study, part-time stay at home mum, home-cook, part-time IQS helper, blogger, and, um, Netflix binger). Although I appreciate the sentiment, it honestly makes me balk. I’m not a super mum. What is a super mum? (I do think my own mum is pretty super.) I do too much. I don’t want to do so much, but I find it hard to give anything up. I get easily overwhelmed and stressed. I angst about why it’s so hard to find balance. While wanting to do less, I also feel guilty that I can’t do more. I battle against my introverted tendencies, and feel guilty about needing time away from people. Continue reading

Happy Easter! Sugar-free Hot Cross Buffins and a Choc Raspberry Cake…

I hadn’t intended to write a blog post over the Easter weekend, but when I made these healthy hot cross ‘buffins’ from Well Nourished, I had to share them with everyone.

I had been eyeing off these buffins since last Easter, when Georgia first released the recipe. Back then I didn’t know what spelt flour was, which probably put me off. But now I use it all the time! These buffins have all the flavour of a hot cross muffin, without the sugar and artificial ingredients. I used rice malt syrup as my sweetener of choice, and added a small handful of dried cranberries instead of the recommended half cup of sultanas. They got a big thumbs up from the boys. Continue reading

Bitter Chocolate Hazelnut Cake! And, my first venture into yoga.

After my first son was born, nearly three and a half years ago, I bought a yoga mat and a pilates DVD. They both stayed in the packaging.

Exercise and I have always had a baaad relationship. I have a terrible fear of exercise, and when I have attempted it, tend to pass out from low blood sugar. My level of (un)fitness is often a surprise to others, because I am petite and have oddly muscly legs. People sometimes mistake me for a very short runner. Even in the midst of pushing out my second son, the midwife was telling me to focus on my breathing; “like when you go running.” I distinctly remember my husband laughing. Continue reading

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