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One year off anti-depressant medication: Managing my anxiety

It’s been about a year since I weaned off my anti-depressant medication. I had been taking it for over six years, predominantly for anxiety but also depression. Coming off the medication was an experiment – after finishing my first round of the I Quit Sugar program in Spring 2014, I felt ready to have a go at living without it – a notion that had terrified me in the years prior. Continue reading

#2 Round 2 of I Quit Sugar: Weeks Three and Four in Review

Halfway through the IQS8WP, it seems to be whizzing by. I could happily live on this program all year round, like those retirees who live on back-to-back cruise holidays.

Having said that, this last fortnight – Week 4 in particular – was very challenging.

Never have I been so obsessed with coffee, than during weeks 3 and 4 of the IQS8WP. Week 4 of the program was ‘clean week’, in which participants are encouraged to give up alcohol, caffeine and gluten for five days, just to ‘see how they feel’. When I first did the program, with a six-month old baby who was still not sleeping more than a couple of hours at a time, giving up coffee was not an option. So I thought I’d give it a bash this time round. Continue reading

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