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Making the consumer difference, one free-range egg at a time

‘If you’re so against animal cruelty, why aren’t you a vegan?’ Said the carnivore, to the vegetarian.

Lately, I have spent a lot of time beating myself up about my own hypocrisy in making better choices as a consumer.

  • I take reusable ‘green bags’ to the supermarket, but use masses of cling wrap and freezer bags at home.
  • I buy local, free-range eggs but frequently buy garlic at the supermarket, which is imported from overseas.
  • I avoid buying products that contain palm oil, but use chemicals to clean the toilet.
  • I make my own baby purees, but there are thousands of dirty nappies in landfill from my two children.
  • I very rarely use my clothes dryer, to reduce power usage, but even as I write this the heater is on.
  • I avoid buying Nestle products, but my son wears Nike shoes.

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