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Quitting sugar gave me food freedom, not an eating disorder

After reading one too many articles criticising sugar-free and paleo lifestyles – this time from Donna Hay, who labelled these lifestyles the ‘new eating disorders’, I started to wonder whether in fact I do have an eating disorder. Continue reading

Food for an easier menstruation…

Yep, I’m going there. About half the world’s population does it, so why not talk about it?

Having said that, 100% of the world’s population will die, and we seem to be even more uncomfortable talking about that.

I recently started menstruating again, after 18 months living happily without it – being pregnant and then breastfeeding. Once I stopped breastfeeding I waited anxiously and in hormonal limbo for it to return. My baby had been teething for weeks too, so it was a race to see which would arrive first – my period, or his first tooth. I beat him by one day. Continue reading

I’m not judging you for not quitting sugar – just finding my own line

I recently came across this article on my Facebook news-feed, shared by a vegetarian friend. The author, Sylvia, shares her frustrations about how often she is questioned about her vegetarianism, and says that this usually turns into a debate about the pros and cons of not eating meat.

In discussing the reasons why she has experienced hostility towards her lifestyle, Sylvia comes to the conclusion that people don’t like to feel judged, and that even though she stopped eating meat as a personal choice; “the message behind stepping outside the status quo is that the status quo is bad, and that puts people on the defensive.” The irony of this, is that when people do get defensive and lash out because they fear they are being judged, their hostility or criticism is usually terribly judgmental in itself. Continue reading

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