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Why my family quit sugar: with tips and strategies for parents who want to reduce their children’s sugar intake

This post describes my family’s experience of going sugar-free, along with some strategies for other parents who are interested in reducing their own children’s intake of sugar and processed foods. It doesn’t come from a place of judgement or criticism – I am lucky and privileged to have been in a position to make this lifestyle change, so I would never judge another person, or parent, for their decisions. Continue reading

Family Meal: ‘Good Fats’ Hot-Smoked Salmon Pesto Zoodles

I am resurfacing to write a blog post, having just submitted my university assignment, before I dive into the next one… Plus, it’s Mothers Day, so I’m treating myself to a night off study! The boys of the house did very well today, with breakfast in bed, sugar-free chocolate and a copy of Annabel Crabb’s The Wife Drought. This afternoon I hid in the bedroom and caught up on The Good Wife (am I the only person in the world who still watches this show!?), and my husband slow-roasted Texan Brisket for dinner. 😀

The last few weeks have been full of fun, work and study. I turned 30 (finally!) in late April and managed to stretch the celebrations over nearly two weeks, including two kid-free nights away in Sydney with my husband, and a karaoke night back in Canberra with friends, complete with sneaky jelly shots. Continue reading

A counter-list: 14 things to do before 9am

I Quit Sugar recently published a post on 14 things to do before 9am. It gave me a giggle. Most days, my husband has left for work before we wake, or is still asleep after night-shift, so mornings are usually my job.

I couldn’t resist posting my own counter-list, of 14 things that I do before 9am, and which many other parents do too. It would also be more realistic to say before 8am, if taking travel time to childcare / school / work into consideration! Continue reading

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