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One month left for high tea at the National Gallery of Australia

The stars aligned for a day last week. Early in January, I was invited by the National Gallery of Australia to partake in high tea at their temporary Wedgwood Tea Room, which is being held in conjunction with the current Tom Roberts Exhibition. I was interested, as I’d been wanting to get to the NGA for a while – but we were away and couldn’t go. A few weeks later I was delighted to find the invitation had been extended. Last week, my husband and I were able to enjoy the experience on my husband’s birthday, kid-free! Continue reading

A (mostly) Fructose-Free Mothers Day High Tea!

After weeks of thinking and planning and trying out recipes, Mothers Day finally arrived and I got to host A (mostly) Fructose-Free Mothers Day High Tea for my mother and immediate family.

I’ve written before about my mother’s recent Diabetes diagnosis, and consequent shift in her diet, and mine, to reduce our fructose intake. Around this time last year, I took her to Adore Tea for her birthday, and we shared high tea. I will always remember that day because it was also when I told her I was pregnant with my second child. Continue reading

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