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#3 My Man Quits Sugar: Week One

It’s a little hard to be enthusiastic while writing this post, as my man and I are emerging from the fog of food poisoning. Dodgy chorizo in the white bean and chorizo soup, which, incidentally, we didn’t even enjoy eating. Luckily, our three year old turned his nose up at it and refused to eat any.

But food poisoning aside, we are one week down – ‘only’ seven to go! Week One of the I Quit Sugar program is supposed to be a transitional week, focusing on cutting back sugar and eating only low-fructose fruits, like berries. Continue reading

#2 My Man Quits Sugar: The Pre-Program Interview

Last week, I wrote about my man, a lover of beer and food (and me, of course), who has signed up to do the popular I Quit Sugar 8-week program. I am following along for the ride. We are really doing it as an experiment to see whether his health improves and his fatigue lessens.

The program formally kicked off last week, but we are starting a week late because he went away for work. In the meantime, I have been enviously watching everyone post pictures of their creations (check out #IQS8WP on Instagram and Twitter). I may or may not have already snuck in a recipe or two while he was gone – couldn’t resist trying out the berry omelette! Continue reading

#1 My Man Quits Sugar: The Experiment

So, my man loves his food. Well, we all do, and it appears my five-month old will be a foodie too, judging by the way he dives for the pumpkin puree. But his dad goes to town on loaves of bread, bowls of pasta, biscuits, pancakes and beer. He will often do the late-night scout of the kitchen to find a sugary snack(s) before bed, and if there is no bread in the house at breakfast and lunch time, he looks hopelessly lost. Continue reading

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