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Moving house? My tips for making it slightly less hideous

My family moved house last weekend, and it was hideous. That is to say, it all went very smoothly: we only moved to the next suburb over, my Mum minded our two little boys for a couple of nights, and we hired removalists to do all the big stuff. But it was still hideous!

Moving house is a bit like labour and childbirth, I guess. No matter how organised and well-planned you are, you never quite know what to expect. It lasts hours or days longer than you think it will. There is a lot of grunting. You are spurred on by the hope of reaching the end point (and because you have no choice – no one else is going to do it for you!). When it’s all over, you’re completely exhausted, but have reached the (mostly) happy end point. A few years pass, and you forget the pain of what it was really like, and do it all over again…

(P.S. I’m not really comparing moving house to childbirth. Childbirth is still a thousand times worse. Not least because of all the bleeding for weeks afterward.)

So, with it all behind me, here are my tips for making moving house less hideous  – based on the things that worked for us, as well as our total failings. Continue reading

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