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Why my family quit sugar: with tips and strategies for parents who want to reduce their children’s sugar intake

This post describes my family’s experience of going sugar-free, along with some strategies for other parents who are interested in reducing their own children’s intake of sugar and processed foods. It doesn’t come from a place of judgement or criticism – I am lucky and privileged to have been in a position to make this lifestyle change, so I would never judge another person, or parent, for their decisions. Continue reading

A counter-list: 14 things to do before 9am

I Quit Sugar recently published a post on 14 things to do before 9am. It gave me a giggle. Most days, my husband has left for work before we wake, or is still asleep after night-shift, so mornings are usually my job.

I couldn’t resist posting my own counter-list, of 14 things that I do before 9am, and which many other parents do too. It would also be more realistic to say before 8am, if taking travel time to childcare / school / work into consideration! Continue reading

The lazy parenting trick to getting toddlers excited about food

If ever you’ve looked at the kids section on Pinterest, you would have undoubtedly come across the elaborate ways that people present food to tempt their children. I’m talking things like peacocks made with grapes, giraffe sandwiches, and tiny sushi trucks. They are exquisite, creative, inventive, beautiful, and sometimes creepy.

But ain’t nobody got time for that. Continue reading

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