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Making the consumer difference, one free-range egg at a time

‘If you’re so against animal cruelty, why aren’t you a vegan?’ Said the carnivore, to the vegetarian.

Lately, I have spent a lot of time beating myself up about my own hypocrisy in making better choices as a consumer.

  • I take reusable ‘green bags’ to the supermarket, but use masses of cling wrap and freezer bags at home.
  • I buy local, free-range eggs but frequently buy garlic at the supermarket, which is imported from overseas.
  • I avoid buying products that contain palm oil, but use chemicals to clean the toilet.
  • I make my own baby purees, but there are thousands of dirty nappies in landfill from my two children.
  • I very rarely use my clothes dryer, to reduce power usage, but even as I write this the heater is on.
  • I avoid buying Nestle products, but my son wears Nike shoes.

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Honestly? Eating healthy is hard work and not cheap.

I have to admit that I always get a little irritated when health experts come out and lecture people on how cheap and easy it is to eat healthy food. “An apple only costs 90 cents!”

Over the last six months, I have gradually overhauled the contents of my household’s pantry and fridge. This started when my mother was diagnosed with diabetes, and recently culminated in my husband and I participating in the current I Quit Sugar program. Continue reading

The paradox – and sad irony – of our age, in a toilet

(Not my parents' toilet...)

There is a wall-hanging on the back of my parents’ toilet door.

I’ve always loved it, I read it every time I’m sitting on their toilet, and I’ve often considered stealing it. No doubt they would have just given it to me if I’d asked. Continue reading

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