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The humble pepita – and what to do with it


If someone told me only a few months ago that I would eat pepitas every day, and worse, that I would LOVE them, I’d have told them they were dreaming. But I do love them!

They started off as a filler in my muesli, but I grew an odd affection for the crunchy little seed and their bright green pops of colour in my breakfast each morning. So I started putting them in other things. Sprinkling them in my salad and egg mountain bread wraps. Scattering them in salads. Baking them into quiches. I even started invigorating them! Now, I have started toasting them with tamari – a tasty, nutritious snack that takes ten minutes to make (instructions below) and is a refreshing change from trail mix. It’s the new ‘salted peanuts’, and the tamari lends the pepitas a lovely savoury, Vegemite-y flavour. Continue reading

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